Agricultural statistics of the USA 1946

United States Government printing office, 1946

AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS is an annual volume which brings together in one book the more important series of statistics compiled in the Department of Agriculture or in other departments whose work has some bearing on the subject of agriculture.

Historical series in this present book have again been generally limited to data beginning with 1929 or 1930 or to the most recent 10 years. Certain index-number series and revisions of some other previously published series are shown for longer time pPriods. Monthly data have again been omitted for lack of space. Many of the figures for the latest year are preliminary and subject to revision when more complete information is available. When complete data from the 1945 Census of  Agriculture become available, such revisions as may be necessary will be made for years affected by this new bench mark.

Statistics of foreign trade of the United Rtates again appear in this volume after a lapse of 3 years. Data which have been released since the close of World War II permit the presentation of figures for recent years in tables similar to those last published in Agricultural Statistics, 1942, pages 537-605.

When the word "Yearbook" alone appears in this volume, it refers to the Yearbook of Agriculture, published by this Department. Through 1935 approximately one-half of each Yearbook was devoted to statistical tables relating to agriculture and the other half was principally text.

For data earlier than those presented in this volume, for monthly statistics on numerous subjects, and for earlier data on foreign trade of the United States and on international trade, see Agricultural Statistics, 1942. For a more complete explanation of the contents of this book,  see the introduction (pages 2-5) of last year's volume.

Cotton, sugar, and tobacco.
Oilseeds, fats and oils.
Frults, vegetables, melons, tree nuts, and beverage crops.
Hay, seeds, and minor field crops.
Cattle, hogs, and sheep.
Dairy and poultry products.
Foreign trade of the United States
Farm resources, income, and expenses.
Agricultural conservation and forestry statistics.
Miscellaneous agricultural statistics.

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