Agricultural statistics of the USA 1945

United States Government printing office, 1945

Agricultural Statistics is an annual volume which brings together in condensed form the more important series of statistics prepared in the Department of Agriculture or compiled by the staff for official use. As was the case in the editions for 1943 and 1944, this current edition has been somewhat restricted in coverage. Most of the historical series have been limited to data beginning with 1929 or 1930 or data for the latest 10 years, and monthly statistics also have been omitted.

On most subjects, more extensive data are available. Current statistics may be obtained from the numerous periodicals and mimeographed reports published by the Department.

When the word "Year book" alone appears in this volume, it refers to the Yearbook of Agriculture, published by this Oepartment. Until1935 inclusive, approximately one-half of each Yearbook was devoted to statistical tables relating to agriculture.

Cotton, sugar, and tobacco.
Oilseeds, fats and oils.
Frults, vegetables, melons, tree nuts, and beverage crops.
Hay, seeds, and minor field crops.
Beef cattle, hogs, sheep, horses and mules
Dairy and poultry products.
Farm capital and income
Agricultural conservation and adjustment.
Miscellaneous agricultural statistics.

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