Agricultural statistics of the USA 1943

United States Government printing office, 1943

Because of wartime restrictions, it was necessary to reduce the size of this year's edition of Agricultural Statistics. The Committee attempted, however, to retain the material which would serve the needs of the largest number of users and to omit only such data as could be dropped with a minimum of inconvenience, particularly to those who have access to the 1942 edition. The reduction for this year was attained chiefly in three ways:
1. By limiting the historical tables to data begirming with 1929 or 1930 or to the most recent 10 years.
2. By omitting monthly statistics (especially prices), partly because the figures for recent months must be obtained from current sources in any event.
3. By omitting all tabulations on international trade and most figures on lJnit.Pd Statps imports and exports, as the publication of these data has been restricted since 1941.

As in past years, this annual volume brings together the more important series of statistics prepared by the Department of Agriculture or compiled by the staff for official usc. For many series, presented in brief summary, more extensive data are available. Current statistics can be obtained from the numerous periodicals and mimeographed reports published by the Department.

When the word "Yearbook" alone appears in this volume, it refers to the Yearbook of Agriculture, published by this Department. Until 1935 inclusive, approximately one half of each Yearbook was devoted to statistical tables relating to agriculture.

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