Первая пятилетка - Firt five year plan

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Juan Ignacio
Первая пятилетка - Firt five year plan

Hello to all

First , I apologize for speak in english but i dont know russian and im from Argentina (so im speak really in spanish) so for my is very difficult to search and undertand all to 100%. However i could found A LOT of information about the first five year plan in this page (a lot) i have on my PC statistical information and a lot of things but i COUDNT find a real summarize about that.

I have information but i am not finding information about the FINAL optimal plan for Group A and Group B and then a comparative with the real and final result. Im tring to do grapich with te Optimal plan and then for the result. I need that and i really found the section here about the FYP but always they talk about the result or they said "1928-1933" i need a 1928.1929.1930.1931.1932 and the optimal and the result. I know maybe I'm asking too much but i need to do a comparative.
Im doing a thesis about the FYP the Goals and their real realization i really apreciate your country i really like it too much so i want to do my best. This page is amazing but i have a lot of problem with my lenguage and maybe you could help me.
Thanks a lot to all and Please excuse me if I am posting in a wrong place

salute my russian brother!

PD: No problem if information it is in russia i coud use the translate.


Hello Juan Ignacio
Mb useful for you:
"Пятилетний план народно-хозяйственного строительства СССР" т. 1-3 : http://istmat.info/node/41169
(Five-Year Plan USSR 1928/29-1932/33, pdf and html)
Short version here: http://istmat.info/node/6178
Html-version for industry production here: http://istmat.info/node/41249
Industry production plans (in phisical units) in Table 2 ("Таблица 2"): http://istmat.info/node/41418
Industry statistic for 1928, 1932, 1937 published here (pdf): http://istmat.info/node/32858
For example, compare plans and output statistic for iron ore 
Table 2 from plans (http://istmat.info/node/41418)
II.1 "Железная руда" (Iron ore)
Base Plan: 7.1 mln t (1928/29); 12.7 (1931/32);  14.8 mln t (1932/33)
Optimal plan: 15.0 mln t (1931/32);  19.4 (1932/33)
Industry statistic for iron ore - see pdf pg 22 (book pg 40-41), left page, 4 row
6.1 mln t (1928); 12.1 mln t (1932)

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